Flexible assembly – and test equipment

Due to the increased utilisation of so-called SCR (selective catalytic reduction) systems for the reduction of nitrogen oxide in exhaust gases, we have developed and implemented a special production line for these containers. This line combines a highly-flexible assembly line with a helium vacuum leakage test. As many containers are equipped with the same conveying unit, we use this same part to fix the container into place in the line. Consequently, it is possible to move the most diverse of container geometries on a single line without any set-up time. Furthermore, the sensitive conveying unit is ideally protected by this as the container is only clamped once during the process and only needs to be removed once again at the end of the line. The container is transported between the individual workstations via a conveying system.

Flexible Linie

Example 1:
Flexible assembly line
– Flexible assembly line
– Cycle time 60s (at 2 vacuum chambers)
– Also possible as a 3-chamber system
– Friction roller conveyor system
– 4 – 6 assembly stations
– Transfer in a clamping device
– Can be manually or automatically equipped
– Automatic pump test
– CAQ-connection

Flexible Linie

Example 2:
Mobile Workpiece Carrier
– Container clamped at the conveyor module
– Only one item receptacle for different containers with the same conveyor module
– Conveyor module protected during assembly
– Workpiece carrier can be turned around 2 axes, which leads to the best ergonomics in assembly of the containers


Example 3:
Helium Leak Test
– Automatic leak test
– Leakage rates up to 10-6 mbar*l/s can be reviewed
– With integrated helium recovery