Deflashing Equipment

Following the blow moulding process, it is often necessary to remove excess material, the so-called flash. For this purpose, we offer various systems that include varying degrees of automation. From the manual solution with a deflashing table through to a fully-automatic, robot-supported deflashing cell. In this field, the tank weight is often determined and documented as the first quality-relevant characteristic in the process.

Manuelles Entbutzen

Example 1:
Manual deflashing
– Chute for the transport of the tank
– Integrated deflashing table
– Optionally available with a cooling fan

Grip 'n Rip

Example 2:
“Grip `n Rip”
– Pneumatic gripping of the flash
– Flash is torn off via the movement of the robot
– Combined with punching equipment in some instances, e.g. for filler holes
– Hardware
– Control technology
– Robot programming

Automatisches Schneiden

Example 3:
Automatic cutting
– Movement of the tank along a single blade
– The blade also rotates as the 7th axis of the robot
– Hardware
– Control technology
– Robot programming