Assembly and testing equipment

Diverse assembly and testing tasks require product-specific equipment which enables the employee to manufacture premium-quality products. Special attention is given here to the ergonomic design of the workstation as well as the strain relief of the employees in order to ensure that they are able to concentrate on their work without the effects of fatigue. Quality-relevant tests are integrated in the assembly sequence to ensure that only conforming products move forward to the next process steps. Constant data recording and worker guidance form part of the equipment.


Example 1:
Hose assembly

Pumpenmontage und Prüfung

Example 2:
Pump assembly – and testing


Example 3:
Strap assembly


Example 4:
Torque station


Example 5:
Heat shield assembly

Schlauchaufschiebevorrichtung (Worthmann-Eigententwicklung)

Example 6:
Swedging tools
(Worthmann in-house development)

Quick Connector Test

Example 7:
Quick Connector Test


Example 8:


Example 9:
Camera systems