Camera-aided quality check

NEW: Camera-aided quality check of the quick connector within the fuel tank


Process-reliable and trustworthy thanks to Vision Sensor

The manually cable assembly of quick connectors can be very time-consuming and is not always easy to handle. Nevertheless it is mandatory for industrial serial production to reduce constantly cycle times for increasing the output and work safety at all times and finally reducing the operational costs. According to this the final quality check forms a key element of this chain. Furthermore in times of the so-called industry 4.0 it is important to monitor and control processes and to save and analyse quality-relevant data. 
Thanks to the camera-aided quality check for the quick connector developed by Worthmann Maschinenbau you are able to do this quality check fast, simple and process-reliably/effectively .

How it works

The operator directly puts the camera into the aperture of the fuel tank so that the photos can be directly taken of the quick connector within the fuel tank. By the camera-aided quality check the vision sensor takes up to six photos of the assembled cable. The images are directly transferred to the screen and the operator can read out the final result immediately. One of the images at least needs to show the result „OK“ (green). If the image analysis oft he camera-aided quality check shows that the plug connection is not correctly connected or engaged and thus does not work perfectly, the operator has the opportunity to readjust the cables within the fuel tank and then to repeat the quality check once again. Thus a fuel tank that is checked as “not okay” is blocked for the processes.


    • process-reliable check of the cable assembly
    • reducing operational costs
    • optimized and reliable work process for the operator
    • retrofittable and individually adaptable
    • maintenance-free
camera-aided quality check
camera-aided quality check
taking a photo line assembly
taking a photo line assembly
image analysis - result "okay"
image analysis – result “okay”
image analysis - result "not okay"
image analysis – result “not okay”

Is the camera-aided quality check an interesting issue for you or do you have any questions regarding the system? Please send us an email or call us at +49 (0)4497 9269-0.