Processing and testing lines for fuel tanks

Our core competency is in machine and plant engineering for machining and processes as well as testing of plastic fuel tanks. All process stages are part of our portfolio – from fitting the blow mould with the components to be installed in the tank through to just-in-time provision and delivery to the automotive manufacturer.

Depending on our customers’ requirements each process stage can be implemented with varying degrees of automation. We take care of the entire process from planning and project scheduling through to turn-key handover with subsequent production support and also assist your planners in the individual process stages. We also offer a number of standard, inexpensive solutions in many areas.

For all subsequent machining stages we supply the right solution for your production process.

  • Material stocking and provision as well as robot handling systems for positioning components in the blowing mould
  • Robot handling systems for the removal of the blown tanks and transfer to the next processing stage
  • Manual and automatic deflashing
  • Different methods can be used, depending on the tank type
  • Cooling devices with and without robot handling systems
  • Automated storage systems for subsequent cooling and intelligent intermediate storage of the tanks before subsequent processing.
  • Label printers or laser labelling systems for applying barcodes for production tracking with various degrees of automation
  • Assembly of the various components on and/or in the tank (pumps, lines, valves…) and testing of the correct assembly workflows and results. We offer you both an autonomous, special assembly station designed especially for individual components as well as complete, interfaced and variably configurable assembly systems (conveying system with workpiece carrier) for several assembly or testing procedures.
  • A wide range of storage or conveying systems for provision of the components for installation
  • Leakage tests with different methods, both automated or manual, integrated into the assembly process
  • Automated storage systems for intermediate storage and call-off controlled provision of the fully assembled and tested tanks for supply to the assembly belt of the automotive manufacturer.
  • CAQ systems including worker guidance on the OP of the assembly or testing stations that monitor the entire process

Bearbeitungs- und Prüflinien für Kraftstoffsysteme 3DBearbeitungs- und Prüflinien für Kraftstoffsysteme Draufsicht