Leakage testing

MACEAS – The Leak Testing Company

The Maceas GmbH is a 100% subsidiary of the Worthmann Maschinenbau GmbH.
The six letters in the name of the company stand for

  • M achine Building
  • A pplication in Ultrasound
  • C omputer Aided Measuring System
  • E lectric and
  • A coustic
  • S ensor Technology

Behind Maceas stands the know-how of the Worthmann Maschinenbau GmbH – with the powerful combination of our core competencies of “mechanical engineering / control technology” and “measuring technology / process monitoring”.


Under the Maceas brand, we offer our customers all the products and services needed for leak testing and leak detection in production. The right test method is used for every single type of application.
Our range of services also includes consulting, the supply of complete leakage testing systems, system recommendations, customer training, and customer seminars.

You wil find all products and services offered by the Maceas GmbH at the following website.