Merry Christmas and a happy new year

This year is almost coming to an end and we would like to thank our business partners, customers and colleagues for the trustworthy and excellent cooperation.
We wish you and your family a merry Christmas and a happy new year.

Publication: 12.12.2018
Category: News

Delegation of LzO savings bank visited Worthmann Maschinenbau and MACEAS

Recently a delegation of LzO savings bank visited us, to have a look behind the scenes of Worthmann Maschinenbau and MACEAS.
First of all Frank Worthmann, CEO and founder of Worthmann Maschinenbau and MACEAS, gave a short introduction of both companies. Though he gave an insight into our product portfolio, that ranges from draft, construction and engineering, assembly and project management for automatized assembly lines and leak test systems. Afterwards all visitors enjoyed the opportunity to have a look at the different productions and assembly steps during a company tour.

LzO-Delegation zu Gast bei Worthmann
Publication: 27.11.2018
Category: News

Kolping family Harkebrügge visited Worthmann Maschinenbau

On 12th October the Kolping family Harkebrügge visited us to get a view behind the scenes of Worthmann Maschinenbau. After a cosy coffee break, Frank Worthmann , CEO and founder of Worthmann Maschinenbau, presented the company. Though he gave insights into our product portfolio that ranges from design, construction and engineering and project management for automatized assembly lines and leak test systems. Afterwards all visitors had the chance to get a look of the different production and assembly steps.

Publication: 15.10.2018
Category: News

NEW: Camera-aided quality check oft he quick connector within the fuel tank

Process-reliable and trustworthy solution for assembly lines and leak test devices

Not always the manually cable mounting and quality check of the quick connector is easy to handle for the operator and can be very time-consuming. Thanks to the camera-aided quality check developed by Worthmann Maschinenbau it is easy to realize this working step fast, simple and process reliable. Thus cycle times can be constantly reduces, the output can be extended and the working safety can be increases considerably at the same time. Do you want to learn more, how this works?


Publication: 27.09.2018
Category: News

Municipal council of Garrel visits Worthmann Maschinenbau

The municipal council fo Garrel and its mayor Andreas Bartels visited Worthmann Maschinenbau for a factory tour on September, 21. Frank Worthmann, CEO of Worthmann Maschinenbau, gave a brief insight into Worthmann, its product range with automatized assembly lines and leak test devices, its company structure and the single production steps from design, constructional engineering up to launching the complete manufactured assembly line or leak test system for the particular customer of industrial serial production like in the automotive or heating and plumbing sector.

Publication: 24.09.2018
Category: News

Musical instruments for kindergarden in Harkebrügge

Recently the kindergarden Harkebrügge got “ready for their new drums”. As part of the Worthmann World Cup online betting game, one of our external winners donated his prize to the kindergarten Harkebrügge. The children will be delighted, because two cajons were purchased from the voucher.  We wish the children a lot of pleasure in making music and trying out and thanking us for the gesture of the donor.

Publication: 03.09.2018
Category: News

Brazil: New ultrasonic leak test system put into operation

New application example online

As the first cooperation project with our representative Ghiggia – an ultrasonic leak test system for fuel tanks for one of our customers in Brazil has been set up and put into operation recently.  The leak test system is equipped with one station for one fuel tank and has a leak rate of 2·10-2 mbar∙l/s. Furthermore it has been equipped with an integrated ultrasonic bubble detection system and storage of production data. Do you want to learn more about the other features? Please have a look at the application.

Brazil: New ultrasonic leak test system put into operation
Publication: 30.08.2018
Category: News

Getting ready for the future – New apprentices at Worthmann Maschinenbau

On 1st of August time came up. Seven new apprentices started their apprenticeship in different careers like precision mechanic, cutting mechanic, metal worker for constructional engineering, electrician for plant engineering,  warehouseman or office clerk. Worthmann Maschinenbau as an international working company counts on a sustainable Training.  Thus we can set up qualified staff for tomorrow and guarantee the future company success.  Enjoy your apprenticeship and have an exciting time full of wonderful experience. 

Publication: 20.08.2018
Category: News