The strategy

With WORTHMANN AUTOMATION we have established a brand with services and products that are explicitly geared to customers requirements. These include overall systems in the fuel system processing line sector as well as automation solutions for processing fibre composite materials, especially in rotor blade production.

We focus completely on integrated production, i.e. all production stages are carried out at the company’s facilities. This concept ensures time savings and quality advantages – we can develop, design, manufacture and commission solutions flexibly, speedily and fully in keeping with customer requirements.

In addition this approach ensures that production costs are kept down, as we can guarantee full utilisation of all existing production divisions in multi-shift operation. Another feature is the constantly high level of quality of our services and products. This is the result of the work of our highly-qualified, committed employees and the use of state-of-the-art development tools and manufacturing equipment. Our management processes are certified to ISO 9001:2008.

With the companies Maceas GmbH and Prosensys GmbH we have two specialists in the mechanical engineering and metrology sectors. The assignments of Maceas (“The Leak Testing Company”) extend from leakage testing to consulting and complete leakage testing systems and system recommendations. Concentration of competencies at one site means that we can react quickly and professionally to changing customer requirements. The appreciation and motivation of our employees is one of our main priorities and we safeguard our technical and competitive edge with further training and promotional measures.

We also invest in the future.

Fifteen percent of our workforce are trainees and many are subsequently taken on as qualified employees in the company. Our continuing search for an even better solution is our daily challenge. For this reason we cooperate with a number of specialist partners and research institutes, both for know-how exchange and in the implementation of joint projects. Our aim is to offer you as our customer the best possible solution with regard to quality, functionality and the use of the very latest technologies.

We think that we are equipped with the best possible package of tools to achieve this aim!